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For your protection and that of your phone.



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Find your lost phone.

Has it happened to you that you lose your cell phone and don't find it? By searching for my device you can ring your cell phone and locate it using gps so that you know exactly where it is found.

What are you waiting for? Start using the application from now on.

Take a selfie of the intruder

Take photos

If someone has entered your pin or pattern incorrectly, you can configure it to take a photo of the intruder who wants to check your phone.

Delete cell phone content

Have you lost your cell phone?

Keep calm, with the tool to lock your device, it will help you that if someone finds it, a message appears saying "Lost cell phone" the message is configurable.

Contact our support team, you can also write to our email, we can support you at any time.

Delete your information

You have lost your cell phone, and can you not recover it? With our application you can delete the content, formatting it 100% so that no one can enter your device.

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